Sunday, 17 August 2014

Travel: Male City of Maldives

We touched down in Ibrahim Nasir International Airport at 10.45 pm.. There is separate island between airport and Male City. So, from Hulhumale (an island where the airport are located) we need to take ferry to go to Male City. It's only 5 minutes from Hulhumale to Male City. 

Arrivals Hall Ibrahim Nasir International Airport in Hulhumale
View from Male Jetty
As we arrived at 10.45 pm, so.. nothing much we can do except find the hotel. In Male City, we choose to stay at Kaani Lodge Hotel. We are facing a difficult situation when most of the people here not familiar with Kaani Lodge Hotel. We've been waiting almost an hour to get a taxi that can bring us to the hotel. I've choose this hotel because it is one of the cheapest hotel in the city and not so far from Male Jetty. At first, I thought the hotel doesn't exist and we've been cheated but after my friend try to call the hotel, the hotel staff tried to help us. He instructed us how to go to the hotel. We just let the hotel staff communicate with the taxi driver because we are not familiar with the place and we don't understand their language. At last, we found the hotel... fuhhh!!! *sweating*

The taxi driver charged us 80 rufiyya. Then I heard quarrel between the hotel staff and the taxi driver but we don't understand why. The hotel staff ask us to pay 35 rufiyya to the taxi driver but the taxi driver insist us to pay 80 rufiyya. The hotel staff explained to us that the taxi fee is fixed 35 rufiyya wherever you go in Male City but the taxi driver charged extra fee to us because of time and fuel used to find the hotel. Then we understand why they had quarrel. At last, we agreed to pay 80 rufiyya to the taxi driver. It's ok... never mind... 

Kaani Lodge Hotel is very small but clean. The staffs are very kind and helpful. We stayed there for a night because tomorrow we will depart to Maafushi. 

The ferry to Maafushi from Male was scheduled at 3.00 pm. Before that, we took times to visit Male City. Luckily we met with a local people and he brought us to few places in Male City.

The Male City Jetty
The National Monument

The National Square and Police Hadquater

Old Mosque

President House

President House

Sultan's Tomb

Sultan's Tomb

Tsunami Monument
National Mosque

*credited to my friend Siva for the beautiful pictures