Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Travel : Awesome February in Nepal

Recently we were surprised by earthquake which happened in Nepal. I was lucky to have the opportunity to Nepal just before the phenomena happen... somewhere in February. The scenery is really really beautiful. Our actual plan to Nepal is to do paragliding but god know everything. Due to
weather, we can't do the paragliding. But still.... we managed to do other exciting activities in Nepal and it's really enjoyed. I think everybody know that Nepal is very popular with adventurous activities especially hiking because there is the highest mountain in the world there. 
So what are the activities that we did in Nepal?

Our flight landed in Kathmandu which is the Capital City of Nepal. The city is really crowded and dust... the infrastructure still at lower level. they have no traffic light and the roads are not in good condition. 

Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of Kathmandu, so I took this picture from Internet.
The next day, we went to Pokhara. During our trip to pokhara, we had to go through bumpy roads. It was the worst experience but replaced with beautiful views of river and mountain along the way. Ouhhh... by the way, we rent a car for this trip. There are 4 of us in this trip. The journey from Kathmandu to Pokhara took 5 to 6 ours by car but we only ride car half way and another half we did water rafting till Pokhara. That was my first time!!

I was so excited
At Pokhara, we did hiking. It's just a leisure hiking where we only took 4 hours to hike from Naudanda to Sarangkot and view sunset from the peak.

Met the folks!

the trek from Naudanda to Sarangkot
We supposed to do paragliding in Sarangkot but due to the bad weather, the paragliding was canceled and we have to que for next day paragliding but unlucky, or slot was fully booked. So, we find another activities which are ziplining and bungy jump at sarangkot. That was my first and going to be my last bungy jump ever! Don't ask me why... (T.T)

We also did boating with the view of fishtail and annapurna at Phewa Lake

We also did visited few places in Nepal like 



Most of people in Nepal are Hindu. So you can see a lot of their religion stuff there. It's not so hard to find halal food in Pokhara. There is one and very popular halal restaurant in Pokhara. If you ask people there, they will show you. 

I am thinking of re-visit Nepal again next time for hiking at Annapurna Base Camp (ABC). Yeah, hope its become reality.. I want to meet you again, Nepal. Last, let's pray for Nepal.